Electrolux Style C Pet Canister (Tank) Bags (3 bags)


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3 pack of Style C bags designed for pet owners.

These bags will not tear, improve airflow and provide anti-allergen filtration.

Style C Electrolux vacuum bags designed to fit tank style Electrolux canister vacuum cleaners.

Style C bags fits cylinder shaped Electrolux vacuum canisters made since 1952.

Also referred to as Electrolux Type C vacuum cleaner bags.

Some of the Electrolux canister vacuum cleaner models this vacuum bag fits includes:

  • 1205, Diamond Jubilee, Golden J
  • Grand Marquise, Legacy, Marquise
  • Olympia One, Silverado,Super J
  • Ultralux, Ultralux LX, Ultralux Classic
  • Diplomat, Ambassador

12 ultrafiltration vacuum cleaner bags in a package for Electrolux. Comparable to Electrolux germ grabber bags. Old style Tank canister Electrolux vacuum cleaner bag replacements.

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