Electrolux S-Bag Allergen Vacuum Bags (12 bags)


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Micro-filtered Style S bag. Also known as an S-bag or a Style OX bag.

This canister vacuum cleaner bag will fit Electrolux canister vacuum models:

  • JetMaxx
  • Harmony
  • Oxygen
  • Oxygen 3
  • Maximus
  • Silent Performer
  • UltraOne
  • UltraSilencer
  • Ergospace

12 high quality antibacterial allergen filtering bags in a package.

Replaces Electrolux bag part number :

  • EL200F, EL200E, EL200D
  • EL200C, EL200B, EL200A
  • EL200, EL200BQ, EL200CQ
  • EL202F, EL202E, EL202D
  • EL202C, EL202B
  • EL202A, EL202

High filtration dust and allergen reducing Electrolux universal replacement canister S-bag. Comparable filtration to the Clinic and Classic series bags.

Examples of Electrolux canister vacuum cleaner models that use the S-Bag include :

EL4100A, EL4200A, EL4042A, EL4040A, EL4103A

E6500A, 6510A

6975A, 6975B, 6978A, 6978B, 6978B-1, 6978B-2, 6980A, 6982A, 6982B, 6982D, 6983A, 6984A, 6984A-1, 6990A, 6991A, 6992A, 6993A, 6993B, 6993B-1, 6994A, 6996A, 6997A, 6998A, 6999A

EL6985A, EL6985AZ, EL6985B, EL6985BZ, EL6986A, EL6988A, EL6988BZ, EL6988D, EL6988E, EL6988EZ, EL6988EZX, EL6989A, EL6989AZ, EL6984A

EL7000A, EL7001A, EL7005A, EL7020A, EL7020B, EL7020BZ, EL7024A, EL7025A, EL7060A, EL7061A, EL7066A, EL7070A, EL7062A, EL7063A, EL7061B

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