Dirt Devil Type U Vacuum Bags (21 bags)


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21 Type U replacement bags for Dirt Devil upright vacuum cleaners.

Replace Dirt Devil Type U part numbers:

  • 3920750001 (3-920750-001)
  • 3920047001 (3-920047-001)
  • 3920048001 (3-920048-001)

9 Allergen quality Type U vacuum cleaner bags for the following upright Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners:

Breeze - UD30005B UD30007

Breeze Lightweight - M085600 M085650 M085610 M085610RED

EZ Rewind M086035, UD30000

Feather Glide - M085700

Featherlite - M085570 M085580 M085585 M085590 UD30010 M085585RED

Magna Power - M091015

Platinum Force - M091000 M091010

Swerve - M086030

Swivel Glide - M086320, M086321, M086330, M086340, M086345, M086325C M086540 MRY7000 MRY8000 R086300 M086300 M086335 M086355 M086365 M086370 M086505

Ultra MVP - M089220

Ultra Swivel Glide - M086020 M086010

Upright - M089200

Vibe - M091020V

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