Dirt Devil Style 4 and Style 5 Upright Vacuum Belt (2 belts)


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2 pack of belts. Replacement for Style 4/5 belt.

Style 4, Style 5 and Style 4/5 belts are all the same size.

Compare these belts to Dirt Devil parts:

  • Style 4/5 belt - 3720310001 (3-720310-001)
  • Style 4 belt - 1540310001 (1-540310-001)
  • Style 5 belt - 1LU0310X00 (1-LU0310-X00)

This belt fits the following Upright Dirt Devil vacuums :

Action - M110020

Dirt Devil Upright - M085520 MHDU300

Breeze Bagless Upright - M088160 M088160RED

Breeze Cyclonic Upright - UD70107

Breeze Lightweight Bagged Upright - M085610 M085650 M085610RED

Classic Bagless Upright - UD40330

Dirt Devil Upright Hardshell - R5435-10.0

Dynamo Upright - UD40280

EnVision Upright - M086715

EZ Rewind - UD30000 M086035

Featherlight Upright - M088155

FeatherLite Bagged Upright - M085470 M085500 M085500A M085550 M085435 M085500B M085590 M085585 M085570 M085580

Featherlite Bagless Upright - UD70100 UD70100RM M085845RED UD40140 UD40135 UD40130 UD40090 M085845

Jaguar Bagged Upright - M085575

Jaguar Bagless Upright - M085830 M085835 M085830T

Jaguar Pet Bagless Upright - UD70230

Lite Plus - M085300

MVP - M088305

Platinum Force Shampooer - MCE7900

Powerlite - M085360 M088760 M088750TT

Reaction All-Surface - M110008

Reaction Dual Cyclonic - M110002 M110000Q M110005 M110000

Reaction Fresh - M110006

Reaction Soft Touch - M110009

Scorpion Deluxe - M085800

Swerve Bagged Upright - M086030

Swivel Glide Bagged Upright - M086301 M086305B M086310 M086315 M086320 M086320B M086321 M086325 M086325B M086325C M086340 M086345TT M086350 M086425RC M086435 M086500 M086505 M086510RC R086300 M085500-1 M086300 M086345B M086355 M086365 M086370 M086400 M086305

Swivel Glide Upright - M086330

Swivel Glide Vision - M088900 M088915 M088911B M088920 M088910 M088905

Total Vision Bagless Upright - UD70220

Ultra Swivel Glide - M086020 M086345 M085805 M085806 UD40235

Upright Deluxe - M7200

Vibe Bagless Upright - M088925V

Vibe Swivel Glide Vision - M088915V

Vigor Cyclonic Pet Bagless - UD70110 UD70222

Vision Bagless Upright - M086910DLR M086910RCY M086915TT M086921HV M086920HV M086925 M086925EF M086925SV M086925TT M086925W M086927 M086930 M086935SV R086900 M086925W-1

Vision Bagless Upright - M086915 M086935RC M086935RC M086935

Vision Wide Glide - M086700 M086700W R086700 M086710

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