Dirt Devil Style 15 Quick Vac Belt (2 pack)


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Dirt Devil belt 3SN0220001 (3-SN0220-001).

The Dirt Devil Style 15 vacuum cleaner belt is designed to fit Dirt Devil Quick Vac models including: Dynamite, Extreme and Vibe.

2 Style 15 replacement belts in a package.

Examples of Dirt Devil uprights that use a Style 15 belt include :

Dynamite - UD40085 UD40095 UD40100 UD40105 UD40220 UD40210 UD40225 UD40215 UD40240 UD40250 UD40295 UD40300 UD40290

Dynamite - UD20000 UD20050 UD20000RS UD20000OS UD20000PP

Dynamite Plus Bagless - M084650 M084650SC M084651 M084650RED M084650RD1

Dynamite Quick Vac - M084600 M084605 M084610 M084613 M084611 M084612 M084615 M084616 M084610RED

Dynamite Quick Vac - R084600 UD40245

Easy Clean - UD40045 UD40050

Easy Lite Quick Vacuum - UD40230

Extreme Quick Vac - M084505 M084506 UD40035 UD40030 UD40195

Quick Lite Bagless Upright - UD20020

Vibe Lite - M084510 M084501V

Vibe Quick Vac - M084500V

Dirt Devil recommends changing these belts every 3 to 6 months.

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