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Dirt Devil F4 Filter Adapter 1ME1960B00


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Please see the Dirt Devil F35 filter. It can replace the F4 filter used in combination with adapter 1ME1960B00. Adapter part 1ME1960B00 is discontinued.

Dirt Devil filter adapter 1ME1960B00. This adapter fits most Dirt Devil hand vac series M0915, M0915X and M0914. These hand vacs all use F4 filters.

Examples of Dirt Devil hand vacuums that use the filter adaptor number 1ME1960B00 include:

Extreme Power Hand Vac : M0914HD M0914K M0915 M0916VX M0944QVC

Quick Power Cordless : M0915X

AccuCharge Cordless : M0923 M0924 BD10040RED BD10045RED BD10045RDK

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