Dirt Devil F4 Filter


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Pair of F4 Dirt Devil filters made by Dirt Devil.

F4 filter is also know as Dirt Devil filter 3-ME1950-001 (3ME1950001).

F4 filters fits Dirt Devil Extreme Power, AccuCharge, Jaguar Cordless, Quick Power, and Scorpion Cordless hand vacs

IMPORTANT If your F4 filter uses an adapter do not throw it away. If you did, we sell them separately on this site.

Examples of cordless hand & stick vacs that utilize the F4 include but are not limited to the Dirt Devil :

AccuCharge BD10045RED, M0923, M0924

Breeze M0889X, Easy Lite BD10035RED

Extreme Power M0914X, M0914, M0915, M0914K, M0944QVC

Jaguar M0887X, Platinum Force M0890, Scorpion BD10050RED, M0880DV, M0881

QuickPower M0896RED, BD10025, M0896, M0915X, M0883, M0895

Vibe Scorpion M0888VX, Scorpion Handi Stick M0802RED, M0802, Scorpion 2N1 Stick M0802K

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