Dirt Devil F32 Hand Vac Filter 3088570001


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2 pack of Dirt Devil F32 filter replacements for select cordless Dirt Devil hand vacs.

Also known as Dirt Devil filter:

  • 3-088570-001 (3088570001)
  • 2-008570-000 (2008570000)

Examples of cord less hand vacuums that require a F32 filter include but are not limited to:

Dirt Devil Breeze models: M0889X

Dirt Devil Jaguar models: M0887 and M0887X

Dirt Devil Scorpion models: M0880, M0880DV, M0881, M0881X, M0882 and M0886

Dirt Devil Scorpion models: BD10050, BD10050RED and BD10050RDK

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