Dirt Devil F29 Swivel Glide / Vision HEPA Filter


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The Dirt Devil F-29 exhaust hepa filter is also known by the following Dirt Devil filter part numbers:

  • 3-690320-001 (3690320001),
  • 2-690061-R00 (2690061R00)
  • 2-6900626-000 (26900626000)

This universal HEPA filter replacement for Dirt Devil Swivel Glide and Vision Dirt Devil uprights will specifically fit the following Dirt Devil vacs:

  • Magna Power - M091015
  • Platinum Force - M091000, M091010, M091015
  • Swivel Glide Vision - M086910CA, 08900SV
  • Vision - M08635V, M086905, M086905BCA, M086910, M086910DLR, M086910RCY
  • Vision - M086915, M086915TCA, M086920, M086920HV, M086921, M086921HV
  • Vision - M086925, M086925W, M086927, M086930, M086930CA
  • Vision - M086935, M086935RC, M086935SV, M089800SV, M089890, M089900
  • Vibe - M091020V
  • This filter fits upright bagged and bagless Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners that require the F29 exhaust filter.

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