Dirt Devil F2 HEPA Filter (4 filters)


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Total of 4 replacement Dirt Devil F2 HEPA filters.

The Dirt Devil HEPA F2 filter fits a number of the lightweight Dirt Devil uprights and bagless hand vac models.

F2 filter is known as Dirt Devil part:

  • 3SFA11500X (3-SFA115-00X)
  • 2SFA115000 (2-FA115-000)

Dirt Devil F2 filter is found in the Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick Vac, Flip Stick, Jaguar Power Stick, Power Reach and Power Stick vacs.

Specific examples of Dirt Devil bagless vacs that use the F2 include but are not limited to:

Power Stick M084100RED, M084100X, M084110, 084100, 083975

Power Reach - M08245X

Dynamite - M084610RED, R084600, 084600

Dynamite Plus - 084651

Dynamite Quick Vac - M084614CA, M084600HD, 084605, 084610-13, 084650

Dynamite with Tools - M084650RED

Flip Stick - M084200, 084200, 084300

Platinum Force Hand Vac - M08240

Dynamite Quick Vac wide bumper - M084613

Red Platinum Hand Vac - M08245K

Power Reach Hand Vac - M08245HD, 08245

Dynamite Quick Vac - M084650

Swift Stick - 083410

Jaguar Power Stick - 084105

Universal replacement for F2 filter commonly found in Dirt Devil bagless hand vacs and lightweight stick style bagless vacuum cleaners.

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