Dirt Devil F15 HEPA Filter


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The F15 replacement HEPA filter fits lightweight upright Quick Vac models like the Extreme Quick Vac, Vibe Quick Vac, and the Easy Lite Quick vacuum.

F15 filter for Dirt Devil is also known as Dirt Devil filter 3SS0150001 (3-SS0150-001) and 1SS015000 (1-SS015-000).

Examples of upright Dirt Devil vacuums that use a F15 filter include but are not limited to:

Easy Lite Quick Vacuum - UD40230, 40230

Extreme Quick Vac - UD40195, 40195, M084506, M084505, UD40035, UD40030, M084506

Easy Clean - UD40045, UD40050

Express - UD40255

Extreme Quick Vac - UD40030, M084506

Vibe Lite - M084501, M084510

Vibe Quick Vac - M084500V, 084500V

Dirt Devil recommends that the F15 filter be changed every 3 to 6 months for optimal filtration performance. 1 F15 filter. The Dirt Devil F15 filter typically fits in bagless, lightweight Dirt Devil models that feature a bottom empty design which is also referred to as a clean release dirt cup.

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