Dirt Devil F1 HEPA Vacuum Filter


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The Dirt Devil F1 HEPA filter is slightly tapered.

It is 3.25" in diameter at the bottom, 2.75" in diameter at the top.

The F1 bagless vacuum cleaner filter is also known by the following Dirt Devil part numbers:

  • 3-JC0280-000 (3JC0280000)
  • 2-JC0360-000 ( 2JC0360000)
  • 2-JC0280-000 (2JC0280000)
  • 2-881210-000 (2881210000)

You really should examine your filter to see if it physically matches the earlier description. The F1 HEPA filter replacement will fit most bagless Dirt Devil upright vacuum cleaners listed below:

  • Breeze
  • Breeze Bagless
  • CommercialPlastic Upright
  • Cruiser
  • Extra Light
  • Featherlite Bagless (except for model M088500W)
  • Jaguar upright
  • Outlast
  • P.F. Bagless upright
  • P.F. Self Propelled
  • Scorpion
  • Scorpion Deluxe
  • Vision Self Propelled
  • Vision L series and newer
  • Vision Turbo
  • Vision Wide Glide

The fact that the F1 vacuum filter is slightly tapered makes it very easy to identify. Universal Dirt Devil F1 filter replacement.

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