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Dirt Devil Belt Style 10 (2 pack)


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Style 10 for Featherlite Bagless, Featherlite Vision, Vision Lite, and Vision Turbo vacuum cleaner models.

2 replacement vac belts. Royal Dirt Devil Style 10 belt number 3-860140-600 / 3860140-600.

Style 10 belt for Dirt Devil :

Featherlite Bagless - M088525 M088520 M088520SV M088525B M088500W M088500

Featherlite Vision - M088600 M088600C M088600HD1 R088600 M088650HSN M088650 M088600W-1 M088600HDC

Kinetix Turbo - M088450B M088450B-1

Vision Turbo - M088400 R088300 M088400B M088300 M088300B M088400B-1