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Bissell Style 9/10/12 Cartridge & Outer Filter


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One Bissell Style 9-10-12 cartridge filter 203-1183 (2031183) and one Bissell Style 9-10-12 outer filter 203-1192 (2031192).

An outer filter made of foam surrounds the cartridge filter.

The top part of this filter looks like it has fan blades on it. This is the only Bissell filter that looks like that.

Bissell style 9, Bissell style 10, Bissell style 12 and Bissell style 16 cartridge filter.

Replaces Bissell filter part numbers 32065.

This filter set fits the Bissell Powerforce Bagless and Cleanview II series uprights, including :

CleanView II Bagless 20Q9 series, 3574 series, 3576 series, 73G8 series

CleanView II Plus Bagless 35766

CleanView II Special Edition 35762

PowerForce Bagless 6579 series, 6582 series, 6583 series, 6584 series

PowerForce Bagless Models 65841, 65842

PowerForce Helix Turbo Bagless 68C7

PowerForce Turbo 6585 series, 6596 series, 65851