Bissell HB and SB Series Brush Roller 555-4178


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Roller brush for Bissell SB (Soft Body) and HB (Hard Body) upright vacuum cleaners.

Bissell part 555-4178 (5554178).

Replacement brush roll assembly fits upright vacuum cleaner models:

Bissell Hard Body Series:

HB-12150, HB-12151, HB-12700, HB-12700C, HB-12701, HB-12701C, HB-12702, HB-12702C, HB-12703. HB-12704, HB-12705, HB-12800, HB-12800C, HB-12801C, HB-12802C, HB-12820, HB-12821, HB-12850, HB-12851, HB-12852, HB-12852C, HB-12853C, HB-12890, HB-12900, HB-12901, HB-12902, HB-12903, HB-12950, HB-14100, HB-14101, HB-14102, HB-14102C, HB-14103, HB-14110, HB-14111, HB-14112, HB-14120Q, HB-14121, HB-14121Q, HB-14150, HB-14151, HB-14152, HB-14850, HB-14850C, HB-14851C, HB-14870, HB-14870C, HB-14880, HB-14881, HB-14900, HB-14901, HB-14902

Bissell Soft Body Series:

SB-12600, SB-12600C, SB-12601, SB-12601, SB-12650, SB-12660, SB-12661, SB-12662, SB-12680, SB-12681, SB-12682, SB-12683, SB-12720, SB-12720C, SB-12750, SB-12751, SB-12760, SB-12770, SB-12800, SB-12851, SB-14100, SB-14100C, SB-14200, SB-14750, SB-14750C, SB-14760, SB-14850

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