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Bissell Featherweight 3204E Filter (2 pack)


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Bissell Featherweight vacuum filters. Bissell filter replacement part 3204E.

Bissell 32019 and 32045 filters are the same size. This is the current part.

2 pack of genuine Bissell replacement filters.

Examples of Bissell Featherweight vacs that use these filters include:

3105, 3106 and 3045 series.

2562E and 3105

3106, 31061, 31062, 31063, 31065, 31066, 31067, 31068, 31069, 3106B, 3106D, 3106E, 3106H, 3106K, 3106L, 3106N, 3106P, 3106Q, 3106T, 3106U, 3106V, 3106W, 3106Y

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