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Bissell Drawer Filter


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This is the foam pre motor filter that fits in the little drawer on Bissell upright vacuum cleaners located underneath the dirt cup.

This Bissel filter is know as a:

  • Style 8 / 14 Pre-Motor Filter 203-1073 (2031073)

  • 3290 filter

  • 203-1374 (2031374)

This pre motor filter will fit the following Bissell upright series:

  • 75B2 series
  • 82G7 series
  • 87B4 Series
  • 3910 series
  • 3920 series
  • 3950 series
  • 3990 series

Bissell upright bagless vacuums that utilize this foam drawer filter include: Bissell CleanView, Power Trak, Lift-Off bagless, Velocity, Momentum, PowerTrack Cyclonic and Healthy Home models.

Specific examples of Bissell vacuums that use this filter include but are not limited to:

Momentum Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum 39103

Momentum Vacuum 39106, 3910H, 3910T, 6390W, 82G71

Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum 87B4

Total Floors Complete 52C2

Total Floors Pet 61C5G, 61C5W

Total Floors Velocity 3990

Velocity 3950, 39509, 75B21, 75B2-1

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