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Bissell 32R9 Filter Set Style 16


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Replaces filter 203-1183 / 2031183 which was a Style 9 10 12 filter.

Filter set 32R9 will replace Bissell parts 73K1, 203-1192 / 2031192, 203-1464 / 2031464 and 310-2266 / 3102266.

Filter kit includes the inner pleated filter known as and the outer filter that surrounds it.

This replacement filter kit is made by Bissell and is sometimes referred to as a Style 16 filter or a Helix filter

Bissell filter 32R9 will fit the following upright Bissell vacuum series:

CleanView Helix Deluxe 21K3 series, CleanView Helix Plus 22C1 series, PowerForce 6583 and 6584 series, PowerForce Turbo 6585 series

Specific Bissell upright vacuums that use this replacement filter set includes:

CleanView Helix Deluxe 21K3, 21K31, 21K32, 21K35, 71V9, 71V92, 71V92

CleanView Helix 95P1, 82H1, 82H1H, 82H1M, 82H1R, 82H1T

CleanView II 20Q9, 73G8, 3574, 35741

CleanView II Plus 35766, 3576M

CleanView II Special Edition Vacuum 35762, 35747, 3575, 3576, 35761, 3576P, 3576R, 53F8

PowerClean Rewind 62X5

PowerForce 6584, 47M6H, 47M6Y, 65792, 6579R, 6583, 65831, 65832, 65833, 65834, 6583F, 6583G, 6583R, 6583W, 6583X, 65841, 65842, 6584R

PowerForce Turbo 6585, 65851, 65852, 65853, 65854, 65856, 65857, 6585R, 6596, 6596Q, 6596X

Rewind PowerHelix Plus 26T5

Rewind Power Helix 84G9

Rewind Premier Pet 67F8, 44M3, 44M3P, 44M3R, 67F82

Rewind SmartClean 58F8, 58F83, 18M9, 18M9P, 18M9V, 26T55, 58F8, 58F8R

Part of Bissell Style 12, Bissell Style 10 and Bissell Style 9 filter kits.

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